Wbjee 2018 Exam Rules

Wbjee Exam Rules (Updated)

Wbjee 2018 Exam Rules

Here are the following wbjee 2018 exam rules and points that you have to keep in mind during your exam:

1. Applicants will be permitted to enter the examination center 30 minutes prior to the test.

2. No applicant will be permitted for the test in any center other than the one allotted to him/her and said in the Admit card.

3. In order to enter the examination center Carry the following documents:

  • A duplicate of the photo that is filled in during online application.
  • Aadhar card/Pan card/Passport/tenth standard School – ID card.
  • A printed copy of WBJEE-2018 Admit Card.

4. Competitors are requested to sit down no less than 15 minutes before the test.

5. No competitor will be permitted to enter the examination corridor past the planned time of initiation of the test under any conditions.

6. Competitors are not permitted to convey any composed or written word, calculator, pen, docu-pen, log table, wristwatch, any specialized gadget like cell phones and so on inside the examination corridor. Any applicant found with such things will be accounted for against and his/her exam will be canceled.

7. Question booklets will be conveyed most extreme 15 minutes before the beginning of the test. Take out the OMR sheet without breaking seals of the booklet.

8. Watch that your question booklet number and OMR number are same. If not, ask the invigilator to supplant the entire set from same arrangement.

9. Put your sign on the top point of question booklet.

10. Read direction given on OMR and on the cover page of question booklet precisely.

11. Write question booklet number and roll number at the proper places on the OMR.

12. In the question booklet number and Roll number bubble dark them.

13. Write your name in BLOCK LETTERS, the name of the middle and put your mark in suitable puts on the OMR. Try not to put any stray stamp anyplace else; it might prompt dismissal of OMR.

14. Put your Sign and left thumb impression at a fitting spot on the participation sheet.

15. Watch that your Roll number, photo, the spelling of your name in the participation sheet matches with those given in your Admit card. In the event that any rectification is required, bring it to the notice of the invigilator.

16. Question booklet seals can be opened just at the season of the beginning of the test and as declared by the invigilator. Check every one of the pages of question booklet. In the meantime check that there is any missing page or any troubles to read the booklet, request that to your invigilator to change the entire set from a similar arrangement.

17. Applicants may do rough work in the space given in the question booklet.

18. No competitor will leave his/her seat without the permission of the invigilator until the point that the test is finished.

19. No candidate will leave the hall till the finish of the test and all OMRs are gathered and counted by the invigilator.

20. Candidates are permitted to take his/her booklet with them after the test.

21.Any competitor found to possess a seat other than the one dispensed to him/her will be accounted for against and his/her paper will be crossed out.